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Bore Tech Copper Remover

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Bore Tech Copper Remover

Product  Description :

Bore Tech Cu+2 Copper Remover™ uses a revolutionary and patented chemical technology that rapidly removes copper fouling.

It is 100% barrel safe, odor free and biodegradable.

Cu+2 Copper Remover’s cutting edge formulation is ammonia free and removes heavy copper fouling faster than the competition.

Without the safety hazards, harmful toxicity, and offensive odors found in petro-ammonia based solvents.


Cu+2 Copper Remover’s proprietary formulation and

cleaning process

is designed

for one thing; continued, rapid and complete extraction of all copper fouling in your firearm’s bore. The key to the Cu+2 Copper Remover’s unparalleled copper removing capabilities is an industry unique two step process.

In the first step, the Cu+2 Copper Remover rapidly oxidizes and breaks down copper fouling by reconfiguring its electronic state.

Once the copper fouling

is oxidized

in step one,

a specially enhanced binding agent within the Cu+2 Copper Remover’s formulation acts like a magnet ,

capturing the copper and rendering it unable to redeposit in the firearms bore.

This exclusive technology allows for the complete extraction of copper fouling at full strength without becoming saturated and losing effectiveness.

Bore Tech Cu+2 Copper Remover is 100% ammonia free and barrel safe. It will not etch or harm barrel steels

can be safely left

to soak in the bore

for an infinite period of time. In addition, the Cu+2 Copper Remover also contains a short term rust preventative, which shields and conditions the firearm’s bore after cleaning. Just dampen your last patch with Cu+2 Copper Remover and

your bore will

be protected

against rust

and corrosion for up to 2 weeks.

Simply put, Bore Tech’s Cu+2 Copper Remover works faster and better without the fear of barrel damage and the dreadful ammonia smell. After years of trying, this is the copper remover you’ll be buying.