Combat Commander Mini Push Pal Dagger


Combat Commander Mini Push Pal Dagger

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Combat Commander Mini Push Pal Dagger

Product Description of the Combat Commander Mini Push Pal Dagger:

Best little self-defense friend you’ll ever have!

Perfectly at home in a pocket or purse and can be easily attached to a key ring, or hung around the neck.

When we say it’s discreet, we’re not kidding!

Features prominent serrations and a convenient durable, sheath, to safely house the blade yet make it available for instant access.

The push dagger is 2 3/4” overall and has a stainless steel blade with prominent serrations. It may be tiny but it does mean business. The push handle is strong TPR rubber and has a comfortable, no-slip grip. The blade is housed in a polypropylene sheath with a stainless steel clip and ring so that it can be easily clipped wherever you need it. It fits perfectly on your keychain.

Blade Shape: Spear Point
Sheath: Polypropylene