Frontier CMJ 9mmRN 124gr.


Frontier CMJ 9mmRN 124gr Bullets.

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Frontier CMJ 9mmRN 124gr Bullets

Product overview:

Frontier CMJ 9mmRN 124gr.

The Complete Metal Jacket range from Frontier Bullets is one to look out for if you are shooting any caliber of handgun.

CMJ Bullets are world renowned for their superb performance, accuracy and consistency.

Copied by many, matched by none. Frontier CMJ Bullets are world famous, not only because they are affordable, but also due to their unmatched consistency, overall reliability and true accuracy.

CMJ Bullets are fully coated in pure copper.

The core consists of lead antimony and the CMJ design allows for zero jacket and core separation.

The majority of our CMJ Bullets are restruck resulting in increased consistency and overall accuracy.

Restriking is the process of forcing the already plated bullet into a shaping die and ensuring the form of the bullet is exactly in line with the design.

Thus, no production markings or deformities will remain.

Also, restriking ensures that each bullet is precisely the same as the one before. Switch to the Frontier CMJ’s and experience why top international shooters choose CMJ’s above all else!


  • Complete Metal Jacket
  • Lead Antimony Core
  • Accurate Bullet Weight and Size
  • Restrike – For ultimate consistency in shape and profile

Technical information:

Calibre: .9mm

Diameter: .355″

Weight: 124 Grains.

Profile: Round nose

Sectional density: .141

Finish: Copper Plated, Restrike

Plating thickness: 125 Microns

OAL: 14.7mm


Box of 1000

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