Frontier Range Master .303 FBSP 155gr.


Frontier Range Master .303 FBSP 155gr.

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Frontier Range Master .303 FBSP 155gr.

Product overview:

The newest addition to the Frontier Bullets line, Frontier Range Master Bullets are specifically aimed at the frequent shooter.

Precision CNC machined from a high quality brass alloy with a high lead content,

these bullets give you supreme accuracy and consistency, while also lowering barrel drag thanks to CNC cut bands.

The Range Master profile is based on our our Spartan Premium Hunting Bullet design, but features a Spitzer point to increase the ballistic performance. Some variants also incorporate a Rebated Boat tail design.

Our aim was to offer an accurate yet affordable bullet, specifically designed for target shooting from various distances. Enter; the Frontier Range Master. The Range Master profile is based on our Spartan Premium Hunting Bullet design in order to minimise the difference in trajectory and reloading requirements for consumers already using the Frontier Spartan Premium Hunter Bullets. The Spitzer point increases the ballistic performance, while some variants also feature a Recessed Boat Tail design for an even better long range performance. The Range Master Bullet is CNC machined from a specially selected brass alloy and will deliver consistent accuracy on the range. On top of this, switching to the Range Master Bullet won’t break the bank. Dominate the Range with Frontier Range Master!

Technical information for the Frontier Range Master .303 FBSP 155gr. :

Calibre: .303 Cal

Diameter: .311″

Weight: 155 Grains.

Sectional density: .229

Profile: Flat base splitzer

Minimum twist rate: 1/11″

Ballistic coefficient BC G1: .330

Ballistic coefficient BC G7: .169

Bullet OAL: 33.17mm


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