FX Dream-Tact & Dream-Lite Bottle Adaptor


FX Dream-Tact & Dream-Lite Bottle Adaptor

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FX Dream-Tact & Dream-Lite Bottle Adaptor

Product Description of the FX Dream-Tact & Dream-Lite Bottle Adaptor:

Bottle adapter for the FX Dream-Tact & Dream-Lite models. Not compatible with Dreamline Compact variants.


Amp up the air capacity on your FX Dream-Lite or Dream-Tac air rifle with this bottle adapter from FX Airguns. The adapter includes a built-in Adjustable Match Precision (AMP) regulator and is compatible with FX’s 500cc aluminum or 480cc carbon-fiber air bottle.

According to the manufacturer, the aluminum bottle gets up to 190 shots in .177, 135 shots in .22, 105 shots in .25 and 42 shots in .30. The carbon-fiber bottle gets up to 180 shots in .177, 130 shots in .22, 100 shots in .25 and 40 shots in .30.