FX Impact Slug Probe Power Kit


FX Impact Slug Probe Power Kit

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FX Impact Slug Probe Power Kit

With the FX Impact Slug Power kit you can get just a bit extra out of your FX Impact air rifle when you use slugs

Part of this kit is a 5.5 mm (.22) pellet probe that’s adjustable in length by means of an allen screw at the rear. With included bushes that’ll slide on with an interference fit, the probe is also suitable for the calibre 6.35 mm (.25). The seating position, i.e. how far the slugs are pushed into the barrel, influences the accuracy and this adjustable pellet probe provides you with the means to experiment with that. An important feature, as you can fine tune on one specific slug. The probe is not suitable for pellet use.

If you want a power tune set suitable for slugs and pellet use please check out our high flow pellet probe and transferport set and our power tune hammerspring 

Other parts in the FX Impact Slug Power kit that mainly influence the speed are a lighter valve return spring that lets the valve stay open longer and a hammer spacer that’ll add extra weight to the hammer while also increasing the preload on the spring. There’s also a buffer to protect the valve against the increased impact. The extra speed that can be maintained is:

  • 5.5 mm (.22) between 35 and 55 fps
  • 6.35 mm (.25) between 50 and 80 fps
  • All parts are machined with very tight tolerances and the set is suitable for use in all types of the FX Impact.