FX No Limit Scope Mounts 30mm Picatinny/Weaver


FX No Limit Scope Mounts 30mm Picatinny/Weaver

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FX No Limit Scope Mounts 30mm Picatinny/Weaver

Product description of the FX No Limit Scope Mounts 30mm Picatinny/Weaver:

FX shows that they are able to innovate not just within airguns themselves, but in other areas of the shooting sports. The FX No Limit scope rings are a perfect for longer range shooting as you can vertical adjust and angle your mounts so you can always find the sweet spot on your scope. it’s a brilliant concept that is simply executed. The vertical adjustment will shift just over 4 yards at 100 yards. You?ll never want standard scope mounts again!

Eliminates all problem with limits of cross-hair movement for long range shooting.
The possibility to set the scope in an angle gives you a height range of astonishing 4m at 100 m shooting distance.
Always lets you use the sweet spot of your scope and fine tune with crosshair adjustments.
Also gives you the possibility to use as high or medium height mounts.
Easy to use and affordable!

Picatinny version offers an adjustment screw in the bottom which allows easy height adjustment.


Picatinny/Weaver mounts

30mm scope rings

Adjust for height and angle

Vertically adjustable 0.17 inches

Angle adjustable +/- 1.5 degrees

Easily adjustable with one screw located on each mount