Gualandi Super-G 12GA WADS


Gualandi Super-G 12GA WADS

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Gualandi Super-G 12GA WADS


Wad with pre-set fracture cup and shot scatterer inside.
For close targets – for hunting in the wood, ideal for woodcocks.
Easy automatic loading. It can be loaded like a normal cup-wad.

No cup-wad in the world is equipped with a scatterer: we alone have achieved this, by our patented pre-set fracture cup allowing quick opening and detachment of the parts, leaving the Wad along its trajectory to form a broad, excellent spread without leading the barrels.
Important: to avoid deforming the scattering cross, the rod leading the Wad into the case has not to compress the powder, but only press it as required to obtain excellent powder distribution.
Height: self-adjusting, to obtain various heights when closing, within 2/3 mm.

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