H&N Finale Match Heavy

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Weight: 8.18gr

Size: 4.50mm

Caliber: .177

Quantity: 500

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H&N Finale Match Heavy

Product overview:

The top air gun pellet for competition use.

The top product for competition use. The one Olympic winners and world champions rely on. Maximum possible accuracy with maximum dimensional and weight accuracy. Tightest shot groups, clean-cut bullet holes. Minimum lead fouling and consistent shot spreads thanks to special Match alloy. Hand sorted.

H&N Finale Match Heavy.

The premiere accuracy pellet in the H&N Match line.  These Olympic level accuracy pellets are what you want to give you the leading edge in your competition!  Rigorously tested and selected by the experts at H&N.

Hand-sorted quality!

The flat head design ensures a clean and crisp bullet hole through the target, and the hand sorting process helps to prevent any malformed or less than average pellets being included in the final tins.

The special lead alloy which H&N use to make these pellets maximises accuracy whilst minimising lead fouling for repeatable accuracy shot after shot.

Tightest shot groups, clean cut bullet holes

Technical information:

  • .177 caliber
  • 4.49mm head size
  • 8.18 grains
  • Wadcutter

Recommended min. muzzle energy: 7.5J / 5.5 ft.lbs.
Ideal field of use: 10m


Tin of 500 pieces

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Dimensions 75 × 7 × 2 cm