Hornady Stuck Case Remover


Hornady Stuck Case Remover

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Hornady Stuck Case Remover

Product overview:

The Hornady Stuck Case Remover is designed to easily extract the

most stubborn case from a standard sizer die without damaging the die.

The simple removal process is quick and easy. Comes shipped with tap, drill bit, bolt and remover body.

Hornady’s user-friendly kit uses the leverage of the press to pull out the stuck case without dam – aging your die. The kit consists of a #7 drill, a 1 / 4 “-20 tap, and the remover body. Simply drill and tap a hole in the bottom of the case through the primer pocket, install the remover body in the shellholder ram and use the leverage of the press to extract the case. Fits most presses with a universal shellholder ram (Hornady, Redding, RCBS, etc.).

Instructions for Use: Unscrew the expander-decapping rod until the decapping pin is free of the primer flash hole in the stuck case. Secure the reloading die in a vice and drill through the center of the case head with the included drill bit. Next tap the case head with the included tap and place the stuck case remover body onto the case head and turn the cap screw with an allen-wrench until the case is pulled from the die. Discard the case and reassemble the die.

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