Hunters Edge Dove Feeding Frenzy


Hunters Edge Dove Feeding Frenzy

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Hunters Edge Dove Feeding Frenzy

Product Description of the Hunters Edge Dove Feeding Frenzy:

The Dove Feeding Frenzy is by far the most advanced dove decoying device ever developed.

It rotates three winged dove decoys clock-wise is a circular bumping motion, which simulates doves feeding on the ground.

The original unit will run for 8+ hours on four (4) high-quality AA batteries.

The NEW Remote Control Unit, can be turned on and off from up to 100 yards away.


  • Hunter’s Edge’s most advanced dove decoy device ever developed
  • Simulates doves feeding on the ground
  • Unit rotates 3 Winged Dove decoys in circular bumping motion
  • Runs up to 8+ hours on 4 AA batteries
  • Hand-painted decoys feature realistic photographic wings
  • Painted with 7 different colors to match dove’s natural appearance