JSB Exact .30Cal 50.15gr.


Weight: 50.15gr

Size: 7.62mm

Caliber: .30

Quantity: 150

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JSB Exact .30Cal 50.15gr.

Product overview of the JSB Exact .30Cal 50.15gr.:

The first serial cal .30 pellets available on the market.

Developed in cooperation with top hunting airguns manufacturers.

JSB Exact .30 was carefully designed, precisely produced and quality controlled by our experienced workers so it is very accurate.

The weight of 2,9 grams was chosen due to perfect balance of pellet.

Isn’t accuracy that the No. 1 thing you’re interested in? If that’s true, then you can’t go wrong when you select JSB pellets. JSB has earned a reputation as making some of the finest pellets in the world. They’re consistent in size, shape and weight. All those things contribute to increased accuracy and a flatter trajectory .JSB Exact .30Cal 50.15gr.

Loved by field target shooters all over the world, You are only ever as accurate as your ammunition.  You can have the best rifle in the world, but if you don’t have quality ammo, you’re not going to stay in the 10 ring.  JSB makes some of the best airgun ammunition on the planet

Technical information:

Calibre: .30Cal

Weight: 50.15 gr

Shape: Domed

Diameter: 7.62 mm

Length : 9.49mm

Suggested for : Hunting



Tin of 150 pieces

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