JSB Exact Test .22


JSB Exact Test jumbo .22

The JSB Test Diabolo Exact Jumbo 5.5mm (7×30) Pellets are high quality pellets ideal for avid shooters.

It offers a selection of 7 different types of JSB pellets.

The container contains 30 pellets of each type with a rotating lid .

It is ideal for airgun marksmen, especially for hunting, but usable also by field target.

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Product overview:

The JSB Exact test .22 Cal test pellets is a variety pack of 210 lead airgun pellets.

These premium grade pellets perform well in most of the field target air rifles on the market.

Wide selection of different weights in the JSB Exact test .22 pellets starting from lightest Diabolo Exact RS Jumbo (13.43gr) up to Diabolo heaviest Exact Monster jumbo (25.39gr).

We Believe you will find your favorite among these mostly because JSB are a leading pellet manufacturer.

JSB Match Diabolo pellets have a reputation of being uniform in size and weight, which is why they have a reputation for superior accuracy in allmost all air rifles and air pistols.

This combo tin is a good way to test JSB Exact test .22 pellets to find the right ones for your air guns.

The variety pack consists of 7 different airgun pellets.

Includes 30 off each:

  • 5.51mm | 15.89gr JSB Exaxt Jumbo
  • 5.52mm | 15.89gr JSB Exaxt Jumbo
  • 5.53mm | 15.89gr JSB Exaxt Jumbo
  • Monster Jumbo 5.52mm | 25.39gr
  • Exact diabolo Express Jumbo 5.52mm | 14.35gr
  • Heavy Jumbo 5.52mm | 18.13gr
  • RS Jumbo 5.52mm | 13.43gr

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