JSB Exact Jumbo Beast 5.52mm 33.95gr.


Weight: 33.956gr

Size: 5.5mm

Caliber: .22

Quantity: 150

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JSB Exact Jumbo Beast

Product overview:

Do you need a really heavy ammunition for you very powerful airgun?

Do you want something accurate and well-balanced, to hit the target even in a bad weather conditions?

The answer is the JSB Exact Jumbo Beast.

Extremely heavy pellet, chosen to fit the most powerful air rifles currently available on the market. Number one choice for the owners of FAC air guns.

The Exact Jumbo Beast is extremely heavy, stable, and accurate. Appraised for it’s low sensitivity for weather and windy conditions.

The whole Exact Series is the benchmark of quality for field target shooters, hunters and enthusiasts shooting with their airgun in extreme distances.

JSB pellets have an international reputation for high quality hunting pellets. Generally speaking, most air guns deliver better accuracy when a JSB pellet is used.

Looking for a pellet that has enough weight to keep up with your high-powered airgun? Look no further than the JSB Jumbo Beast. This is their heaviest .22 domed pellet to date at 33.96 grains, and delivers exactly the kind of energy you’re looking for in a hunting pellet.

Please note: Since these Jumbo pellets are slightly longer than standard pellets, they will not fit properly in PCP rotary magazines.

Technical information:

Calibre: .22/5.52 mm
Weight: 33.956 gr
Shape: Domed
Diameter: 5.52 mm


tin of 150 pieces

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