LMBR R2H Chrono


LMBR R2H Chrono

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LMBR R2H Chrono

Product Description of the LMBR R2H Chrono:

LMBR   shooting chronographs –  portable devices for measuring the speed and energy of bullets.
High accuracy and resistance to interferences allow to use for wide application in airguns, archery and firearms.
Devices stands out by reliable operation, also in low-light conditions.

They are highly rated by the shooter community around the world.

Chronographs have many useful functions and can be used in professional equipment service by gunsmiths, judges in time competition, police and enthusiasts of shooting.

Ballistic Chronograph:
The device is designed to determine the speed and kinetic energy of projectiles/ammunition in air rifles and air pistols; firearms and bows [Models R2A / R2H].


Speed: 6 to 2000 m / s
Measurement error: <= 1% @ 250m / s
Power consumption: 100 mA
Power supply: 2x AA (alkaline or rechargeable battery)
Dimensions Model R2A (H x W x D) 260x105x100mm
Weight approx. 600g / 995 g

Measurement Functions:

Velocity V [m / s]
Kinetic Energy E [J]
Shot counter
Mean kinetic energy Esr [J]
Average speed Vsr [m / s]
Minimum speed Vmin [m / s]
Maximum speed Vmax [m / s]
Absolute speed dV = | Vmax-Vmin |
Standard deviation SV [m / s]
Speed in fps V [fps]
Rate of fire RoF

Additional Functions:

Setting weight of the projectile: 0.01 – 25.00 g
Optional conversion to LG or CO2 / firearm
Memory: 250 readings
Transmission of measured values to a PC via RS232 connection possible