Warne Mountain Tech Base 1 piece Howa


Warne Mountain Tech Base 1 piece Howa Sa Tac Rail 20MOA

Warne Mountain Tech Base

Ounces are pounds, Pounds are pain? The credo of the backcountry hunter.?

When tired legs are the only mode of transportation.

When the air feels thin, and feet feel heavy.

When months of preparation, training and sleepless nights thinking about the upcoming hunt culminate into a single moment, placing the crosshair where it needs to be for the perfect shot.

Warne Mountain Tech is the ultimate lightweight precision scope mounting system. Don’t leave your dream hunt to chance. When every ounce matters, and every shot counts, Warne Mountain Tech are the scope mounts you can depend on.

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Warne Mountain Tech Base 1 piece Howa Sa Tac Rail 20MOA

Product overview:

Warne Mountain  Tech Base 1 piece

The Warne Mountain Tech Base 7650 Howa 1500 SA 20 MOA is the next generation of precision rifle scope mounting systems from Warne Scope Mounts. As shooting platforms and targeting optics technology advances,

the bond between them must advance as well. To get peak performance out of your hunting rifle and rifle scope, don’t let your scope mounting systems be the weak link.

Modern precision hunting rifles are capable of incredible feats of shooting accuracy, and long range shooters demand the best. Warne Mountain Tech bases are expertly CNC machined from 7075 T6 aluminum billet.

Designed for the Aerospace industry, 7075 aluminum has a strength that equals its steel counterpart. Hunters can rely on the rock solid strength and vast weight reduction aluminum provides.

Mountain Tech rails are available in a 0-MOA for hunters and recreational shooters and a 20-MOA version for long range applications, both will benefit from multiple ring positions for perfect alignment and eye relief.

Warne’s new Mountain Tech rails also feature black zinc coated self-centering hardware that eliminates potential base movement under hard use.

All Mountain Tech rings and bases are machined to NATO STANAG

(Compatible with Weaver style and Picatinny) specifications to ensure the tightest tolerances,

best fitment and Return to Zero performance possible. Rings are available in 1 inch, 30 mm, 34 mm tube sizes

and four height options. Warne Mountain Tech bases are the ultimate in lightweight precision scope mounts


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