Winchester .308 147gr FMJ BT


Winchester .308 147gr

Bullets are custom-designed and manufactured to precise specifications to deliver specific on-target performance characteristics. These characteristics vary depending on bullet design. Winchester carries a variety of component bullets for both centerfire rifle and handgun ammunition.

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Winchester 308 147gr Bullets.

Product overview:


Featuring high quality Winchester components, this ammunition delivers outstanding reliability.

loaded with a full metal jacket bullet is

known for its positive functioning and exceptional accuracy.

On impact this bullet does not expand and is ideal for target shooting.

.308 147 gr. Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail bullet (FMJBT) of lead with a copper jacket which provides tight-grouping accuracy at higher velocities!

For over 100 years, Winchester has been producing Rifle Bullets that outperform the competition. Sold under names Winchester,

Supreme, and Centerfire,

every bullet is

technologically advanced. In addition, there are different types of ammunition available, such as .223 and 5.56mm.

Just 10 years after the Civil War, the first successful

centerfire cartridge was introduced by Winchester. The .44 WCF was unique

in that it could be fired

from a rifle, as well as a handgun. Today, hunters and sportsmen still rely on the high quality of Winchester bullets.

Winchester .308 147gr FMJ BT

Winchester a brand you can trust and trusted by many

Technical information:

Calibre: 30 .Cal

Bullet type: Full metal jacket boat tail

Weight: 147 grains

Diameter: .308


Packet of 100

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