Bore Tech Brass Brush .35Cal 3-Pack

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Bore Tech Brass Brush .35Cal

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Bore Tech Brass Brush .35Cal

Can only be used on BoreTech cleaning rods to maintain and clean your firearm.
It’s not just a brush it’s a Bore Tech Benchmark Brush!
Bore Tech’s Benchmark Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes are known for being the finest in the industry
and set the benchmark for all other phosphor bronze brushes.
With twice the amount of oversized bristles, double wound cores with looped ends and barrel safe studs these brushes provide long-lasting,
safe and effective scrubbing action.
Benchmark Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes Use Instructions:
1. Screw brush onto Rod
2. Wet brush with cleaning solvent
3. Make 6-12 passes down length of barrel
NOTE: For bronze brushes you must push the brush down the complete length of the barrel, and exit the muzzle PRIOR to reversing and pulling the brush back
4. Reapply cleaning solvent and continue to brush as necessary
5. When finished, clean brushes before storage.

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