Energizer 2032 Battery (2-Pack)


Energizer 2032 Battery

Pack of 2 Batteries

  • Used in heart-rate monitors, keyless entry, glucose monitors, toys & games
  • Performs in extreme temperatures from -22ºF – 140ºF
  • Holds power for 8 years in storage
  • Cell size: 2032
  • IEC: CR2032
  • Type: Lithium Coin
  • Volt: 3
  • Replacement for: 5004LC, BR2032, DL2032, ECR2032, ST-T15



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Energizer 2032 Battery (2-Pack)

Energizer 2032 Battery (2-Pack) Delivers long-lasting, dependable performance in specialty devices like heart rate monitors, remotes, keyless entry systems, glucose monitors, toys, and games.*

3V of power

Along with a 163 mAh capacity deliver a reliable, long-lasting charge to your electronics.

Holds power for up to 10 years in storage

Be sure that you have Lithium Coin Batteries ready when you need them.

Working conditions

These lithium batteries can withstand a wide temperature range, from -22º to 140º F.


Ensures you have extra batteries on hand.

*Replacement for: L12, 208-205, DL2025, SB-T14, and 5003LC

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