Hornady Taper Crimp Die .45 Auto


Hornady Taper Crimp Die .45 Auto

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Hornady Taper Crimp Die .45 Auto

Product overview:

Hornady Taper Crimp Die .45 Auto. Precise machining allows accurate reloading by offering easier adjustments, better alignment and smooth functioning.

With one of the finest internal finishes in the industry, Hornady® Custom Grade and Match Grade Dies provide a lifetime of reloading.

The Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension is a great addition to your set is specifically

designed to improve the feeding reliability in your semi-automatic handgun or rifle.

The die is designed to remove the flare from the case mouth to promote smooth feeding,

while maintaining a sharp edge for proper head spacing. Die comes with Hornady Sure-Loc die locking ring. Shellholder sold separately.

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Dimensions 16 × 4 × 4 cm