Humphreys Gun Cleaning Kit – .45 ACP


Humphreys Handgun Cleaning Kit for .45ACP

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Humphreys Gun Gun Cleaning Kit – .45 ACP

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Gun Cleaning Kit – .45 ACP

Cleaning rod: A cleaning rod is a firearm maintenance tool that can be used to clean

the inside (bore) of a gun’s barrel, and is made in different sizes for use on different barrel lengths, calibers and gauges.

Nitro solvent: Removes carbon fouling and loosens lead. Leaves behind a light layer of oil for protection.

Gun oil: Firearm Cleaning Oil & Lubricant. Keeps firearms protected – lock, stock and barrel.

Brass brush: Brass brushes are ideal for use with solvents designed to remove powder, lead, metal fouling, carbon deposits, and rust.

mop: Used in the same way you would a brush, the cleaning swab orgun mop,

is made of cotton and is designed to

remove any leftover residue in the barrel.

Once you’ve removed all of the buildup, the cleaning swab is great for removing access oil that is in the barrel of your gun.

for cleaning and maintaining your firearm

An inadequately maintained firearm will often accumulate excessive fouling and dirt within

the barrel and receiver, which not only can clog up the rifling and decrease the firearm’s accuracy and precision,

but can also interfere with the proper operation of the action and lead to potentially dangerous malfunctions.

Furthermore, some of the foulings and dirts are either corrosive themselves, or capable of making the firearm

vulnerable to rusting and wears, and thus can lead to irreversible damages to the firearm over time.

Gun Cleaning Kit – .45 ACP

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