JSB Diablo Hades .177 Cal(4.5mm) 10.34gr


JSB Diabolo Hades 4.5mm .177 Caliber Ammunition Air gun Air Rifle Pellets – Tins of 500
Calibre: .177 in
Weight: 10.34 grains
Material: Lead Pellets
500 Pellets Per Tin
JSB Diabolo Hades 4.5mm .177 Caliber Ammunition Air gun Air Rifle Pellets – Tins of 500

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Product overview of the JSB Diablo Hades 4.5mm .177 Caliber Airgun Pellet :

JSB Diabolo Hades Airgun Pellet 4.5mm .177 Caliber Ammunition.

JSB Hades is our company’s firm base of the cal. .177 ammunition range.

This is not only some basic model.

For this is the perfect equipment for hunting.

Its quality and design it is by right considered to be a top quality product!

This type is the bestseller when it comes to .177 pellets.

The muzzle velocity can be 175m/s and the rifle calibrated for 16j

Due to its weight a specially designed shape and perfect distribution of the centre of gravity and alignment.

JSB Hades Airgun Pellets are the best choice for longer-distance shooting.

Slightly lightened and therefore significantly faster Exact Jumbo variation.

Express Pellet is a unique choice for weapons with restricted power. Gain speed and accuracy with any pellet rifle.

JSB Hades pellets represent good value at a relatively low price. They would be an effective hunting pellet, particularly for more powerful air rifles.

Chairgun shows that JSB Hades airgun pellets retain as much as 70% of their initial Kinetic Energy out to nearly 48 Yards downrange. Again, a benefit of the relatively high Ballistic Coefficient.

This good energy retention makes these pellets suitable for hunting at medium to long ranges.

Technical information:

  • .177 calibre
  • 4.5mm head size
  •  10.34 grains


Tin of 500 pieces

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Additional information

Weight 0561 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm

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