Bore Tech Bore Mop 12 – 16 GA


Bore Tech Bore Mop 12 – 16 GA

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Bore tech Bore Mop 12 – 16 GA

Product information for Bore Mop 12 – 16 GA :

Can only be used on BoreTech cleaning rods to maintain and clean your firearm.

Bore Tech’s Proof-Positive Chamber Mops are

densely packed,100 % cotton mops that are perfect for cleaning

the chamber area and removing any cleaners left behind after cleaning the barrel.

Made with attention to quality and detail these chamber mops are a must have in every shooter’s range box.

These mops are best used in conjunction with our Bore Tech Action Cleaning Tools and feature non brass cores

and threads to prevent any false indication of copper fouling during use with copper removing chemicals.

Available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large) our Proof-Positive Chamber Mops are a must have in every shooter’s range box.

Available from 12 – 410 Gauge to our Proof-Positive Shotgun Bore Mops are a must have in every single shooter’s range box.

Product specifications:

Gauge : 12 – 16 GA

Threads : 5/16 -27

Length : 2.7′

Reviews :

I have used these mops on shotguns and large caliber rifles.

I find them to be quite satisfactory in all respects.

even used them for the black powder rifles and they work well.

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