Inferno HP/FB Slug .217 26gr.

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Inferno HP/FB Slug .217 26gr.

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Inferno HP/FB Slug .217 26gr.

Product Description of the Inferno HP/FB Slug .217 26gr. :

HP = Hollow Point

FB = Flat Base

Air Rifle Slugs have recently become very popular as the industry is delivering more powerful air rifles almost on a daily basis.

Air rifles shooters have realised the advantages that slugs bring over ,

traditional pellets when used at ,

the longer distances than these air rifles are capable of.

Inferno has not just jumped onto this “new bandwagon” as some new manufacturers have,

by cloning some of the existing slugs of other manufacturers, as to take advantage of the new, developing slug market.

We have produced, precision, hand swaged, jacketed, center fire bullets for top competition shooters as well as hand swaged, jacketed, premium bonded bullets, for the hunting industry.

Using swaging processes also does not guarantee a precision bullet or slug.

As with any manufacturing, it takes lots of time and dedication to gain the experience to deliver a guaranteed and quality product consistently.

We have used the experience we have gained over many years and our own shooting to develop slugs with specific ogives, nose and base configuration to ensure we deliver a proven, quality product in every slug we make.

Unfortunately some of the “new manufacturers” will flood the market with inconsistent ,

and inferior products that might work the one day but not the next,

however this is expected and

as always will fizzle out over time.

The best advice we can give consumers is to ensure that the manufacturer you choose, uses the cleanest of lead and not recycled lead from scrapyards as not any lead can be used for pellets and slugs.

You are guaranteed to

ruin your barrel over time,

should the lead used in the pellets or slugs you shoot in your air rifle not be top quality.

This happens much more than expected, especially within a new market as is the case with air rifle slugs.