JSB Exact Heavy .20Cal 15.89gr


JSB Exact .20Cal 15.89gr

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JSB Exact Heavy .20Cal 15.89gr

Product overview of the JSB Exact .20Cal 15.89gr.:

If you’re looking for a compormise between high air rifle accuracy in .177 cal and brutal efficiency in .22 cal?

The JSB Diabolo Exact in .20 cal takes the advantages of both .177 & .22 calibers.

Very popular for its high accuracy, flatter trajectory then .22 cal, and efficiency on pests. Seems like a dream.

Popular with the AirForce .20 caliber pcp air rifles.

Technical information:

Calibre: .20Cal
Weight: 15.89 gr
Shape: Domed
Diameter :5.10mm

Ballistics coefficient :


Tin of 500 pieces

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