JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy 5.52mm 18.13gr


Weight: 18.13gr

Size: 5.5mm

Caliber: .22

Quantity: 500

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JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy 5.52mm 18.13gr

Product overview:

JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy is stable in bad weather and windy conditions but is accurate and suitable heavy pellets for use in your powerful rifles.

The whole Exact Series is the benchmark of quality for field target shooters.

Some hunters and enthusiasts are shooting extreme distances and hitting small targets.

These pellets are hand picked for quality control and is suitable for a wide range of sporting and hunting rifles on the market.

This pellet is accurate and well balanced, you will enjoy it!

This pellet’s hollow point design, along with its extremely high ballistic coefficient, means less drag and more energy delivery at the target.

JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy Pellet is an intermediate weight, round nose pellet that will deliver improved flight stabilization and fine accuracy.

If you have a powerful air rifle then this is the only pellet for you! 

Pellet is designed for accuracy and knockdown power even at longer ranges, making it a powerful and versatile hunting pellet.

Of course, it is carefully designed, precisely produced and hand-pick quality controlled so very accurate.

We are confident that your rifle will love them.

Technical information:

  • .22 calibre
  • 18.13 grains
  • 5.52 mm head size


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